Business proposals and analysis

Every agribusiness is distinctive and requires analysis and primary viability before implementation. Initially, we assess your company to understand its technical and financial nature. Our experts are eager to help you make the right decision for the proposed agribusiness. Our proposals will definitely help you have a better insight into and understanding of the proposed business.

What are the benefits of business proposals?

  • to understand the nature of the proposed agribusiness.
  • to grasp the technical and financial aspects of the proposed agribusiness.
  • to get a clear picture of business operations, costs, capital investment, and profitability for the proposed agribusiness.
  • to understand the project’s scope, benefits, and government assistance.
  • Our experts are always at your service to resolve your project-related queries through telephone and email support.
  • Our experts also help you with their valuable advice on new and existing agribusiness start-ups.


Whether it’s an existing or proposed project, no business is risk-free and requires extensive planning before advancing with its execution to make your business a success story. We lend a helping hand to the clients in the detailed evaluation of projects to determine their technical feasibility and financial viability. TEV is a risk reduction task undertaken by us with reference to any industrial or project activity prior to any decision taken by the promoter, financial institutions, government subsidy agencies, and other project associates. “We commit ourselves to the feasibility and viability study of every project we undertake in terms of technical, economical, financial, operational, and legal aspects.”

Primary Benefits of the TEV Study

  • provides the historical background of the business or project.
  • identifies new opportunities.
  • analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture.
  • determines the technical aspects of the business or project.
  • aid in cost estimation, cost-benefit analysis, and financial resource allocation for the project.
  • guides in the assessment of legal requirements like land laws, environmental laws, or social media laws related to the projects.
  • accurately calculates the project’s potential for success.

Detailed Project Report (DPR)

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is one of the most integral features of every existing and new project. It helps individuals, entrepreneurs, business houses, and corporate organizations design their business strategies and execute the project just in time.

We assist our clients in preparing detailed project reports (DPR) for numerous agribusinesses. Our DPR is applicable to and accepted by all nationalized banks, financial institutions, government subsidy agencies, and potential investors who wish to set up their own agribusiness ventures. We are a team of professional managers who carefully manage every aspect of DPR preparation, allowing entrepreneurs to successfully obtain bank financing, government subsidies, and other benefits.

The Content of DPR

We draw up a detailed project report as per agribusiness industry standards based on the following parameters:

  • Objectives of the project
  • product or service nature and value
  • The geographical advantage of the project site
  • Availability of raw materials, resources, and allocations
  • Technical details of the project, product, or service technology
  • Post-production management
  • Project execution strategies
  • Economics of the project and financial viability (financial ratio analysis)
  • Project SWOT and PEST analysis
  • architectural plant layout
  • Project documentation